September 2023 Archives

This Week in PSC (118) | 2023-09-28

All three of us returned. We talked about

  • Getting a Perl 5.38.1 maint release out of the door
  • How to progress Pod format improvements (i.e. U<>)

This week in PSC (117) | 2023-09-21

Two of us again, here's the summary of our meeting:

  • While implementing PPC 0013, it turned out it was vague in some places, so further discussions and refinements to the PPC document are needed
  • POD extensions - do we keep stealing features from Markdown (like tables, images, language markers)? Do we switch to Markdown? Neither are easy.
  • We’ve disabled the Wiki and enabled Issues on the PPCs repository, to better separate discussions on the form and substance of PPCs
  • PPC 0022 will soon be merged, and moved to “Exploratory” status

This week in PSC (116) | 2023-09-14

There were only two of us this week, and the list is still a bit quiet.

The main topic was stalled PPC work: we have a few PPCs that have been approved and are in the “Implementing” state, but still waiting for an implementor. We’ll send a separate email asking for volunteers on those.

This week in PSC (115) | 2023-09-07

This week, we discussed several topics:

  • collecting bugfixes to put in a 5.38.1 maintenance release
  • Module::CoreList automated releases, and how we might get them created — what PAUSE user, etc…
  • once the PPC for meta:: officially exists, it would be worth having a release on CPAN, to experiment with
  • the PPC process still needs some refinement and further clarification on what gets done, when, and by whom

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