This Week in PSC (135) | 2024-02-08

This week, the three of us:

  • noted that use VERSION restrictions have had mostly positive responses
  • thought that Data::Printer can’t go in core as-is, but there’s a use case for a debugging helper, some of which might be hidden in D:P’s core
  • discussed adding a builtin::numify function (and the corresponding OP in core)
  • quickly reviewed the PPCs currently being implemented:
    • we should ping the implementors of PPC0014 (English names) and PPC0021 (optional chaining)
    • PPC0022 (meta) has an implementation on CPAN
    • PPC0019 (qt strings) implementation is in progress, but unlikely to be done by 5.40
    • PPC0013 (overload in join) is currently stalled

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