April 2024 Archives

This week in PSC (145)

This meeting was done in person at the Perl Toolchain Summit 2024.

  • Reviewed game plan for (hopefully) last development release, to be done tomorrow, as well as the stable v5.40 release.
  • Reviewed recent issues and PRs to possibly address before next releases.
  • Reviewed remaining release blockers for v5.40, and planned how to address them.
  • Discussed communication between PSC and P5P and how to improve it.

This week in PSC (144) | 2024-04-11

The three of us met, and:

  • merged the deëxperiment PR
  • agreed we should additionally discuss if the now-stable features (try, extra_paired_delimiters) should be included in the :5.40 feature bundle
  • reported feedback from PPC implementors, which can be summarized as “life happened, will get back to work soon”
  • continued to triage latest reported bugs and look for release blockers (Currently we have 8 potential blockers, though 2 are easy documentation fixes)

This Week in PSC (143)

  • We’ll chase up current implementors of outstanding PPCs to see what progress is
  • Reviewed the new bugs since last review. One new potential blocker - 22121
  • Reviewed a first draft of a “Perl Roadmap” presentation that might be given at PTS

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