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This Week in PSC (142)

  • Discussed some specific ideas for future perl development - more ways to allow CPAN modules to experiment with new ideas, import some possibly-stable ideas from CPAN into core.

  • Reviewed the list of ongoing experiments in perlexperiment.pod to work out what can now be declared stable. We’re technically past “user visible changes” freeze but maybe the list will be happy with these changes anyway.

  • Observed that SSL-in-core still hasn’t made any progress, and wondered further on how we can unstall it and try to get someone working on it eventually. Maybe writing a PPC doc would help?

This week in PSC (141) | 2024-03-21

This week, we:

  • Talked about some ideas for discussion at the upcoming PTS
  • Discussed the current blocked state of bleadperl following the 5.39.9 release and how to unblock it
  • Finished reviewing the release blocker bugs
  • Discussed how MetaCPAN should better handle perl releases and permissions

PSC #140 2024-03-14

This week, we discussed:

  • Further look down open bugs to tag some as being release-blocker
  • Do we want to revert PR21915? - discussed in its own email thread
  • Thought of a couple of issues to discuss with the wider group at the upcoming PTS
    • How to handle “important author is AWOL” for upstream CPAN issues
    • How to not break CPAN tests when adding new warnings to core

This Week in PSC (139)

Just Paul and Philippe this week:

  • Paul volunteers to do the 5.39.9 release. We still need people for .10 and 5.40. The .10 release will be timed around PTS - so maybe we could do something “live” at the summit?
  • Mailing list was otherwise quiet so there weren’t many issues to discuss.

In absence of many other pressing issues, we spent some time thinking ahead to large-scale development work that might take place in the 5.41 series. We talked about “hooks” as a potential long-term thought to making a more powerful Magic-like structure, for implementing new features, attributes, etc..

This Week in PSC (138)

Back to the usual three of us

  • Further chats on allowing a subsequent use VERSION of the same value as is already prevailing

  • We continued going through the bug list to tag release blockers

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