Perl::Dancer Conference 2014

The Interchange Development Group is organizing a conference with the focus on Modern Perl / Dancer / DBIx::Class / Interchange.

We offer you the following incentives:

  • From Zero to Hero
  • Meet the Experts
  • Build the Community
  • Write Real World Apps

See for details.

The conference consists of two days of training (6th and 7th October)
and two days of presentations (8th and 9th October). See program for more

It takes place again at the West Branch Resort in Hancock, NY
( If you need assistance to travel there, please let us know.

We are searching for attendees, speakers or trainers and sponsors.


Call for Papers


Anyone who has contact to Perl newbies or students, please let me know.
One of the goal of the conference is to introduce new people into Perl, Dancer and Interchange.

Questions and feedback are welcome here or by email.


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