is awesome

Just a heads up that if you're not using you should check it out.

I use News+ on my android phone to keep up with RSS feeds, so I find it super useful to be able to at a glance find out when modules that I use frequently have been updated, and what's changed.
I got my list of modules I'm following.

**Edited, fixed links to point to unprotected rss feed instead of logged in view, fixed relative to absolute url to perlmodules site.**


BTW, I can't see your list. I'm logged in, and the page says "You are logged-in as the wrong user. The content you just tried to view is not accessible by the user you are currently logged-in as. Please log off, and log in again as the correct user." Maybe a permission thingy...

The item links in the feed still point to the protected view though.

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