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On low attendance in TelAviv.pm meetings

Shlomi Fish published a post in Israel.pm that I think is worth reading by anyone from Israel (or Israhell), especially if you're from the Tel Aviv region.

In a year that dealt mostly with marketing, there seemed to be a decline in people showing up to meetings. Even though Tel Aviv University provided us with a room (and now a better room), with a projector, boards, air conditioner and a lot of space, few people show up.

Whatever the reason is, if these trends continue, the meetings will cease. If you care…

Elegance Fail

Elegance might seem like a lost trait in programming these days, but it is live and vibrant in Perl. A rather large part of the Test namespace is devoted to providing an elegant way to write "run this code, get the result, compare it with this one".

Today I found myself at a loss of an elegant solution to a problem.

I want to run a set of tests. Theoretically I can write each subset of tests as a Role in a test object (there are at ="http://search.cpa…

Thoughts on my Moose lecture

Yesterday I gave a talk on Moose (the post-modern metaclass-based object system for Perl 5) in TelAviv.pm. The slides are available on slideshare. They aren't a lot of slides because I mainly wanted to give an introduction to Moose for beginners and the gist of the lecture is me speaking, so the slides can't really express that.

Now, regarding the talk. There were few people present, which was a bit unfortunate but I'm assuming it's somewhat due to the change in location in the university. It was difficult to find, I have to…

Making Dancer Dance on CGI A.K.A. Blog Fix #543

So, last blog entry I mentioned Dancer and that I want to use it as CGI (since it's Plack-aware) but I don't know how.

Nick Spacek commented on my entry saying that if it supports Plack/PSGI, there should be an easy way to run it as CGI.

Later that evening I sat down for hummus with my girlfriend (hummus is awesome, ok?). After talking to her about it, I decided to take a minute to check online on my phone if anyone has any explanations on it. …

Hello Clarity

For two weeks we've been working hard on defining a rather complex construct of DNS zone files, using multiple servers for multiple domains with cross referencing them and a lot of other complex-sounding terms.

We wrote DNS tests for the zones to make sure all the servers are configured correctly and the general DNS fetching provides correct information. This turned out to be quite difficult.

The original script is 130 lines. This is without taking into account even more testing we wanted. There was a lot of analyzing done which was rather repetitive and the overall code was u…

I Gotz Me a Dancer

Sometimes a good time means relaxing with CPAN, reading a POD of something and trying to learn it. At least for me.

Last weekend I treated myself to playing with KiokuDB and Dancer. I'll write on KiokuDB later, this post is on Dancer.

Dancer is a Plack-aware web application framework written by Alexis Sukrieh. It has a built-in simple templating system, but supports /users/sawyer_x/2010/01/index.html

Keeping updated with the community

When just registering to use.perl.org, I started using RSS feeds. Currently I have roughly 25 or so subscriptions, which is lightweight, I know. Mostly are specific Perl programmers (mst, nothingmuch, elliotjs, dagolden, drolsky), some are aggregators, a few friends' personal/political blogs, etc.

Work-wise, the best feed I've had was the "use.perl.org generated feeds", which shows me on a daily basis which modules/distros were released. It helps me by:

  • Keeping me up to date with modules I use.
  • Keep…

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