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While on humor... best error msg in a while

Warning: something's wrong at /home/sawyer/code/private/KiokuDB-Backend-DBI-0.08/lib//KiokuDB/Backend/DBI.pm line 563.

Really? I could've never figured something was wrong there. I wouldn't assume you feel like... telling me what's wrong, would you?

Oh, and whoever read my last post via RSS and wondered why there's no code, it's because I was using Github Gists and it doesn't pass some RSS readers. Open the entry and you could view it.

Writing your own Search::GIN extractor

I stumbled into a tricky situation with Search::GIN that required me to have a reverse indexing with set introspection. This situation isn't so rare, so I thought it would be helpful to share how I did it.

Suppose I have an object. The object has an attribute. The attribute is a set of objects. I need to be able to fetch the objects according to the value of an attribute of the objects in the set in the attribute of the original object. Err.. ya know what? Here's an example!

I have a few music preferences (blues, jazz, e…

My first bug report!

Even though I helped on various projects, I never really got a bug report on a project of my own. I've gotten offline requests (usually from people who know me personally), but never an actual RT ticket.

Today I got my first RT ticket (in the mail) and I've very proud of it!

Apparently there was a change in Template::Tiny's API. mst made it more compatible with Template::Toolkit and Adam Kennedy released Template::Tiny 0.11 and took the time to op…

Dancer gets Route Caching

Recently I've spent more time with Dancer development, since it's such a fast, fun and flowing project. I've written Task::Dancer (after bugging a few people on #toolchain - thanks daxim!), Dancer::Template::Tiny and even patched Dancer::Template::Tenjin (and thanks to Ido for released it so quickly!).


Midway Culmination

Recently I started a new project at $work in which I'm using a lot of cool projects (DBIx::Class, KiokuDB, Search::GIN, POE and Dancer to name a few) and it involved a lot of layers so I wanted to do this one just right.

I finally started using KiokuDB and it went relatively easy, though Search::GIN is still lacking (and 0.4 s…

On Nagios, Thunk, Shinken and wrapper included marketing

Nagios is probably the most famous and used monitoring program on the market. It's free, GPL and has nice features such as object representation of data, inheritance, plugin systems, passive testing, built-in Perl interpreter, result caching, pipe interface, alert delegations and so on and so on.

The web interface of Nagios is, however, incredible ugly. It's written in CGI the way the early CGI scripts were written. When you make a change to a server via the web interface, you get a few screens (avoiding Javascript is a benefit for some cell phones…

Marketing the Entire Box (including the wrapper)

For a long while now I've been wondering about some observations I've made of Perl, Ruby, Python and PHP in marketing terms. I'm going to discuss them here in detail, and I hope it will gain us some insight into better marketing understanding or at least not bore anyone.

I've understood through the years that projects with beautiful websites have a better chance of getting picked up by users (even when the project itself is purely command-line) and definitely gives much more credit to the encompassing layer (like the programming language itself).

I've also noticed that a rathe…

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