While on humor... best error msg in a while

Warning: something's wrong at /home/sawyer/code/private/KiokuDB-Backend-DBI-0.08/lib//KiokuDB/Backend/DBI.pm line 563.

Really? I could've never figured something was wrong there. I wouldn't assume you feel like... telling me what's wrong, would you?

Oh, and whoever read my last post via RSS and wondered why there's no code, it's because I was using Github Gists and it doesn't pass some RSS readers. Open the entry and you could view it.


perl probably can't figure out either what went wrong, since that's the default warning message:

$ perl -ewarn
Warning: something's wrong at -e line 1.

You want some really funny error messages, try something like elisp. "Stringp error." No line number, no function name, just the alert that there's something wrong with a string somewhere.
(It's a dynamic language, you see, and in order to cover the case of a dynamically generated anonymous function you have to ignore all other cases where you'd have more information...).

That reminds me of FrontPage Extensions, a piece of software from Microsoft to install on Unix/Linux servers. The error messages that Frontpage spewed out were invariably along the lines of the friendly but totally vague "Failed to do X. Please contact your system administrator for more information." Why exactly did you fail?? And I *am* the system administrator!!

Luckily it's been several years since I need to touch Frontpage Extensions.

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