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Perl, Dancer, Android, Haifa.pm!

A few days ago Shmuel Fomberg (who organizes Haifa.pm) wrote in the Israel.pm mailing list: "Sawyer is doing so many interesting things currently, that it is ridicules. Sawyer, please take a long vacation to let us all catch up!".

While this truly flatters me, I reckon that's how I think of a lot of other developers (and I'll refrain from the usual name-dropping I'm accustomed to). Whatever I play with is always minimal in comparison to the stuff I see in the Perl community. This includes both Devel::Declare and ="http…

TelFOSS Meeting Review + Slides

Yesterday we had another Tel Aviv Free and Open Source Software meeting.

The meeting took place at a new venue provided by Amir. The venue was Shenkar engineering and design school in Ramat Gan (which is like an extension of Tel Aviv - so it's cool :)

A lot of people came to the meeting, and it was very nice to see so many new faces. This time we had a review of "Programming Pearls" which Shlomi Fish gave, followed by a lecture on Source Code Management systems (also called Version Control Systems) given by me.

It was a refreshing experience to speak of something that …

Get the damned version

Module versions can be found using several ways. I know two.

You can use the module in a one liner and print the module's $VERSION variable:
perl -MSVG -le'print $SVG::VERSION'

This gets annoying when the module name gets long:
perl -MWWW::Mechanize -le'print $WWW::Mechanize::VERSION'

Or the insane:
perl -MPOE::Component::WWW::Pastebin::Bot::Pastebot::Create -le'print $POE::Component::WWW::Pastebin::Bot::Pastebot::Create::VERSION'

Another method I've seen people use is to actually cause an error. Try to load the module in a high ve…

Chances to Learn

Most aspects of the first round between Dancer and Mojo are covered in Alexis' post - a recommended read. However - with your approval, or not - I'd like to add another side of it, our overall developer understanding of the contest.

While it seems fun to "win" something, what we the developers (and I'm assuming it's pretty much the same for the Mojo people) liked most about the competition was that we'd get a complete understanding of the end-user learning experience.…

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