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Ease of bug reporting == caring for the project?

Seems like Padre (the Perl IDE, ya know...) got some heat for using a Trac bug tracking system instead of the default CPAN RT system.

Dancer, as mentioned in Gabor's post, prefers to use the Github Issues ticket system to keep track of bugs, wishes, expected features, etc.

I agree there's a certain barrier to provide bugs for Padre and Dancer or any other project that uses a non-CPAN-RT ticket system. I personally hate registering for websi…

What I would change about Test::SFTP

I've been noticing more and more attention being given to environment testing. That is, part of your testing would be to check the environment you're on. Many Perl developers would probably hear this and say "yeah, well, that makes sense" - that is because many Perl developers already do it. Apparently the other developers are starting to catch on. :)

Test::SFTP was written to make sure my environment is okay. By "okay", I mean "consistent." Also, I really wanted to write a test module.

Originally I wrote Test::SFTP when Net::SFTP::Foreign either didn't exist…

What I would change about App::Genpass

If there is one thing that is more abundant than Hello World programs, it is password generators. Yet, one of the things I could never get right when working on my system administration job (all of them) was comfortable password generation.

There were various methods I've learned from people:

  • The lazy way: "1q2w3e", "qweasd", "qwaszx" and on it goes. A few of my passwords in the old age were exactly these. I've even seen this method used in at least one really big company where I worked. I know many of you might still have some of these pa…

Please do what I think you should do

Last Sunday, my brother and I had a discussion about Israel not allowing Noam Chomsky to enter the country because he is "a satanist nazi demon out to get Israel wiped off the map". It was mostly absurd but one point is worth mentioning: my brother claimed that Chomsky is doing a disservice to his goal of further expanding people's understanding of politics by lecturing where people already know oppression (Palestine) instead of where people are relatively oblivious to it (Israel).

While I know this is a touchy subject for most people, it still resounds in my head as the "I think you'…

Perl on Android, progressing...

First, the meeting:

I arrived a bit late but hadn't missed much. Gabor was in the middle of explaining the benefits of getting Perl on Android. He went over a lot of API examples, showing code and explaining and doing a damn goo job at it!

After that, I tried to explain how to install the Android emulator on a Linux machine, configure it and run it. My slides weren't displaying properly on the projector so it was annoying to explain and probably harder to understand.

Then Shmuel went over perl512delta and explained to us the bigger differences and their implications. H…

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