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Monitoring according to roles, not category tags

For a while I've had very little to write because I've had very little time to speak. It makes sense when you think of it. :)

We had a lot of changes at $work recently. I've received a new position (as a team manager) but I'm still retaining my "Perl Ninja" title, and I've also had a birthday celebrated at the $office and was given a makeshift rubberband gun, crafted by Tamir Lousky. :)

Another big change (that is the brainchild of Mr. Lousky) is monitoring according to roles and not category tags, which is (at le…

Is it just me?

My Perl Android talk was accepted to YAPC::EU 2010 (!!!!) and I want to book the room reservation for my girlfriend and I.

Unfortunately, the hotel (MyHotel - where the conference is taking place) only accepts the credit card details via Email. I've suggested simply calling them and - once I've verified that I'm speaking to the right person - give the details via phone.

However, they insist on getting it via Email. They even suggesting sending two emails, one with half the details, the other with the rest of the details.

Now.. is it just me or is sending it via Email c…

When Perl Met Android

I officially submitted a talk to YAPC::EU (at the appropriate time, of course) this August.

This will be my first YAPC and I'm very excited. I haven't purchased the tickets yet and it's a bit troubling that I have to make all the arrangements before knowing whether the talk is accepted, since I don't know what to ask $work to sponsor - I hope I won't miss out on room vacancy or flights.

My girlfriend (ferret) will probably be accompanying me. Considering last time we went abroad we stayed in a squat and went to protests/shows/squats, I hope she'll enjoy the tour in Pisa.

Reviving old code

Recently I've finished rewriting and fixing up Test::SFTP. Version 1.05 and 1.06 were released and they mark the API change and the switch to Test::Builder and Net::SFTP::Foreign.

Test::SFTP is now something I consider "good" and definitely "usable." There's another fix waiting for the next stable release of Net::SFTP::Foreign for some output redirection cleanups. Despite that, it's still good to use.


Perl on Shared Hosting FTW!

Actually, shared hosting - in terms of quality - usually sucks big time.

However, some of us are (hopefully only) forced to use it. If you're one (or simply want to show off to someone else who is), this is where Patrick Donelan comes in.

If you aren't on (or following) Iron{Wo,}Man, you should know that that Patrick has set up a website for Perl on shared hosting following an interesting blog post on the subject, named Serve Up Dancer Webapps for Six Bucks…

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