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I have been delaying my posts on the 2nd and 3rd day of YAPC::EU for quite a while. How can you sum up so many experiences, so many lessons, so many cool people and new friends?

If you thought that my post on the first day was long, just imagine a post that covers more than thrice the amount of stuff spanning across two whole days. I can't.

I will say that I've learned a lot about Perl, XS and technology in general, but I've learned the most about community and how important it is. For that I wish to thank the YAPC::EU organizers and everyone who helped organize, gave talks, commented on talks, wrote about it and attended.

Perl is my community.

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I really wish I could have went to YAPC::NA to learn more about XS (paid for it, but hurt my back, so I wasn't able to go).

I have been studying XS, using C++, and decided to document my journey, as it took a few weeks to work through all of this.


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