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Yesterday's meeting

Yesterday we had our first revived Tel Aviv Perl Mongers meeting. You probably came across the announcement once or twice in your RSS feeds, mailing lists or even through a personal message from me.

Apparently this worked quite well. The last Perl Mongers meeting included 5 to 6 times as many people as previous meetings. It was pretty awesome. We also scored pretty high on the variety of people.

I got to meet a lot of new people, hear interesting talks and mainly have a lot of laughs.

After the talks, the top-posters went out to dinner and had a great …

This Wednesday - Tel meeting!

This Wednesday (Dec. 29th) we'll have a meeting of the Tel Aviv area (and anyone who wants to come visit!) at Shenkar College in Ramat Gan.

If you're interested in Perl (to learn, to improve, to steal cool stuff, to meet new interesting people), this meeting is for you!

PNG flyer.
PDF invitation.



It has been quite a while since I last wrote. I think this is how 50% of blog entries around the world begin.

I've amassed a bit of a backlog over the last few weeks, and blogging was a part of it. This is the rest of the backlog.

Dancer is going great! We've successfully wrote all articles for our Advent Calendar. We actually even wrote a few extra. The community continues to blossom, we are seeing increased traffic in the mailing list and more and more fresh monikers, some of which are rather famous. :)
One of the interesting things…

Presenting Dancer Advent Calendar

This year, we've decided to start a Dancer Advent Calendar, following the Perl tradition.

We will be posting daily articles on our advent calendar until December 25th (Christmas) and the first one is already up!

We will cover a range of topics from understanding Dancer, writing your own Dancer applications (tutorials included!) and writing a plugin or engine backend to Dancer.

The work on the articles already benefited applications and modules. If you follow the articles, you'l…

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