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Give a talk at FOSDEM

So, FOSDEM is approaching. If you don't know what FOSDEM is, it's a very big European technology conference, taking place in Brussels, Belgium. Usually it deals with generic topics, such as "systems administration", "BSD", "GNU", "accessibility" and such, but this time Gabor Szabo was able to secure a devroom specifically for Perl!

This is a great opportunity in presenting Perl both to more mongers, but also to the external geek community (outside of Perl Mongers, CPAN authors, and other Perl community members) and showcase some of our stuff.

The Puneet of the Dancer Community

There are definitely more and more people involved with Dancer which makes me proud.

Alberto Manuel Brandão Simões (ambs) has been putting a lot of development work into Dancer recently, improving it in ways we haven't even thought about. Flavio Poletti has been also offering some commits, and more importantly, takes the time to help newbies within the Dancer community (successfully, might I add!) and we can see more and more new-comers giving us good feedback and pull requests.

However, as much as all the aforementioned people deserve their own posts for their work (which …

Why I don't write in Pascal

A friend, Ido (ik_5) put up a post (in Hebrew) about the last TA.pm meeting, and although he misspelled my moniker twice, he raises two interesting points.

First of all, he complains about being mocked when everyone introduced themselves and he said he works with Pascal. Secondly, he asks why don't people program in Pascal? What's so bad about it?

So, apologies have to go to people you've offended. Even if you didn't mean to, even if they didn't get a joke you thought you were sharing. When f…

Making your code testable

On my previous post, Ron Savage has commented on the way he uses File::ShareDir with Moose, to be able to use data files in the author's code directory.

While I probably won't use this method since File::ShareDir specifically has the ability to use @INC (which makes my - and kmx's - solution possible), it does raise a very important note. You must make your code testable.

Starting to use File::ShareDir

File::ShareDir is a module to allow you to fetch files that were copied during install-time of your distribution/module. Things like templates, images, XMLs or any other data that you need falls under the category of things you might want to have installed.

The installation itself is done by the module distribution toolchain (initially implemented in Module::Install but now available on all, including Dist::Zilla…

Why Module::Build is great

So I'm back to posting, and apparently I'm not the only one.

As much as I'm impressed by the work done by Reini Urban on LLVM and the compiler, I disagree with his last post.

When I started writing CPAN distributions, EU::MM looked to me like something I will never write. Take this Make…

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