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Dancer release codename "The Schwern Cometh"

We've decided we're gonna start releasing Dancer under codenames that relate to people who've worked on the release.

This release (1.3020) we've seen the continued (and blessed!) involvement of a one "Michael G. Schwern". To some of you he might just be a "mike" or "michael" (or perhaps "the schwern"), but none of us in the core knew Schwern personally before his involvement with Dancer, and this came as a very welcomed and pleasant surprise.

Considering the storm of issues and pull requests done by Schwern, we decided the next version should be named after him, hence "The Sch…

So there's this meeting, right?

I wanted to write up on the February meeting we had two weeks ago but kept delaying it. I think it's about time!

As with every meeting, we try to mix both beginner and advanced talks, in order to have something for everyone. It's proven very effective so far. We've also started doing lightning talks, which I really wanted to do for a while.

The beginner talk was done by Gabor Szabo, giving an introduction on how to get started contributing to an open source project. There were a lot of laughs and a lot of fun. We also got to see new faces, and that's always great.…

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