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Ignited by comments on IRC and in the Israeli Perl Mongers mailing list, I've sat (for 10 minutes), wrote and published a new Plack middleware: Plack::Middleware::NoMultipleSlashes. Let me explain what it is.

Apparently you cannot count (by RFC, even) that the paths http://mysite/ and http://mysite// will lead to the same place. This is very tricky, because it means that the framework you're using (Dancer…

Syntax police?

In a small script someone wrote at work I saw the indirect pattern of new Object, instead of the more correct form of Object->new. When I inquired (okay, I said "WTF?!"), he said that he just copied the synopsis of a module. Oh, right.. some of the synopses (plural of "synopsis", bet you didn't know that!) still have some outdated syntax examples.

I'm not gonna write about how we should all update our PODs to remove syntax that hasn't been (or shouldn't have been, at least) written for the last 10 years, even though I s…

FOSDEM, third report - the Perl booth!

The Perl booth, maintained by Ann Barcomb, El-Che, Gabor, Liz and Wendy, did exceptionally well! More than 20 copies of the Modern Perl book were sold, all copies of Perl Moderne (an original french Modern Perl book, written by Sébastien Aperghis-Tramoni, Philippe "BooK" Bruhat, Jérôme Quelin and Dancer core developer Damien "dams" Krotkine) were sold, over 300 tuits were distributed, and plenty of information flyers. This took a lot of work and dedication by those that…

Template::Toolkit META variables and SETs in Dancer

There is one very advanced feature in Tempate::Toolkit called META variables. META variables are variables that you define in a processed template, that are later available to the WRAPPER template. That means that you can set, for example, the title of the page in the main layout from the inner content template. That's also what it's usually useful for.

However, since Dancer provides its own "layout" option, it basically separates these two processes (rendering a WRAPPER and rendering an inner t…

FOSDEM, second report - the talks!


At the second day of FOSDEM, the Dancer core crew pretty time took over the Perl dev room! We are 4 developers, and we gave 5 talks: SPORE (by Franck Cuny), "Code, release, market" (by Alexis Sukrieh), Curses::Toolkit (by Damien Krotkine), Moose (Sawyer X) and Dancer (Sawyer X). Somehow, all those talks mentioned Dancer, whether it was by the speaker noting the projects he works on, or by using it as an example in the talk (like Alexis did). The amount of noise and buzz we created around Dancer was very …

Bringing Mojolicious to the dancefloor

Dancer's engines is really cool. You wanna know how cool? Here's an example.

If you like Mojolicious' templating system and you want to use it with Dancer, our interchangeable templating engines allow you to use a template engine of Mojolicious, if it exists.

And if it doesn't exist, you can write it. Oh wait, someone already did!

You can find it here!

Check out the so…

Dancer FOSDEM fuel, first report

Friday and Saturday have been very productive days for Dancer. We wanted to write up this blog post yesterday night but we were waaaaay too tired for that. Instead, you get it this morning while we're sitting at a great Perl 6 talk by Gabor Szabo.

Friday we met up. I tried to wait for Franck at the train station and got lost... several times. He found me in the end and we went to our hotel room with his co-workers. Sukria and Dams arrived later. It was very exciting to meet the guys I've been working closely with for a while and haven't even met in person yet. Free software sure is nu…

Changing the changelog

Dave Rolsky has written a compelling post on how not to write a changes log. It's ironic (or is it? the meaning of "irony" is illusive) that while I have much criticism for the changes log of others (and have commented on them to people in the past), Dancer's changes log is not up to par with what I think it should be, nor what Dave thinks it should be (which is close to what I think).

Understanding Dancer's changes log

Dancer's changes log has two primary goals: mark down changes for Dancer…

Dancer FOSDEM mini-hackathon

I am honored to be sponsored by PEG, and I would like to thank them for it.

A team of Dancer core developers (Alexis Sukrieh, Franck Cuny, Damien Krotkine and myself) will be having a mini-hackathon this FOSDEM. This is made possible since we will all be staying together in the same apartment for the duration of the event.

We will focus our efforts on merging Github Pull Requests and closing as many tickets as possible. New features might be worked on, but it is not …

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