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FPW (French Perl Workshop) - Report 1

I reached Paris yesterday morning and went to see Alexis Sukrieh (sukria) - founder of Dancer - at his office at Weborama. I was invited to give the Moose talk there as well, and happily agreed. While I was imagining 2-4 people, the room was full and it was very nice. I got to see Damien Krotkine (dams), who is also a core Dancer developer, and one hell of a guy.

Paris is really beautiful, and it's most beautiful when you don't take the regular route, and instead spend time in the smaller streets, and seeing life through the eyes of a Parisian and not a tourist. I still carry my camer…

Dreams are never to be reached, but only chased

And as such, our mythical plate (from "a lot of stuff on my plate") is never to be completely cleaned, but only periodically.

So I've had a lot of stuff to deal with recently. This has created a lot of downtime for me. I've not written almost anything, and neither did I code much. I've maintained a half-present administrative role in Dancer, helping making some decisions. I'm fortunately blessed with a very positive community that really gives you strength, even (and especially) in down times and can take care of itself. I really want to thank the entire Dancer community for that.

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