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MetaCPAN::API gets updated

Recently I found some spare tuits and decided to spend them on MetaCPAN::API.

My main problem with the old MetaCPAN::API was that I had made a wrong design decision, and failed to take into account the flexibility of MetaCPAN. It really is flexible.

The second time around I decided I'll write it correctly, and test it thoroughly. I've moved to version 'v0' of the API (what was referred to as 'Beta API') and this helped clean up quite a bit. I was able to write it the way I wanted.


Dist::Zilla::Plugin::EmailNotify and not releasing to CPAN

We've been using Dist::Zilla at $work quite some time now.

For a while I feared the possible mistake of running "dzil release" on one of our modules or applications (we have quite a bit!) and thus releasing it to CPAN. We try to remove all generic parts of our code and push it as regular modules on CPAN so everyone can enjoy it (and we get feedback and patches and so on). This means that the rest of our code, what we keep on local repositories, are very specific to us. This cannot be released, obviously.

First job was fixing that. Easy enough. In your dist.ini:

Sinatra Loves Dancer :)

For some reason Dancer was able to attract a few trolls (though we only suspect it's 2-3 people overall). Those 2-3 people have been trying to destroy Dancer and its community by flooding our IRC channel, writing plenty of disgusting remarks on Reddit, HackerNews, Twitter and recently by flooding our CPANRatings page.

Unfortunately none of this worked and the community had only flourished thanks to both hardcore Perl devs and beginner users who came out of the woodwork of dark Perl web programming into the funhouse that is Dancer and its community.

We've had a lot of awesome c…

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