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Abstract the company away (part 1)

While my department at $work isn't strictly R&D, we still do a lot of development work. I'd dare say we average a rather healthy amount of code, taking into account we also try to be rather minimal. Code is simply a means to an end, it is not your goal.

We get to write a lot of code that interacts with our systems, and a lot of duplication is achieved by mistake. Sometimes it's stuff people don't realize is indeed duplication, or they think it's unpreventable. I've decided to tackle this. I've presented some of my findings at Weborama…

Happy birthday Dancer! 2 years today!

This is reposted from the blog of David Precious (bigpresh), original entry available here.

Today marks two years to the day since the first version of Dancer hit CPAN!

According to the BackPAN, Dancer-0.9003.tar.gz hit CPAN on 07-Aug-2009.

I think you'll agree we've come a long way since then, thanks to the awesome community and user base built up around the project since then.

In these two years, we've had count…

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