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Got 20 minutes? WWW::xkcd is born!

Lately I've been having weird sleeping hours. I sleep for 5 hours here, then 2 hours there, I stay up till 4am. I know, it sounds like I'm back in school, but really, I'm not.

Yesterday at 1:50am I had the opportunity to actually go to sleep. Should I? Yes! Will I? Hmm... well... maybe I'll just watch another episode of a TV series and hack a bit.

I recently read the "about" page of xkcd and saw there is now (or has been for a while?) a proper JSON output for the comics. This means you don't have to scrape the website to get the comics. …

The case of the non-standard non-PSGI unbuffered input

It all started with a question. Ain't it always the case? A question, a simple little question?

I was at my desk at work, hacking along as usual, when a message popped up. Suspicious, since I'm unlisted, I probed the lines carefully. The message was from a dear friend, who had been wondering about a special use case for a web framework. Not just any web framework, but the web framework that I loved. Dancer, her name.

He had been struck with the interesting requirement of writing a web application to upload files. These were no ordinary file…

Dancer updates

First, a short introduction to the state of the Dancer community.

Dancer really is a community, in every sense. You can see it by pull requests from fresh developers, pull requests from people who've been there for a while now, and you can see it in the channel and on the mailing list. I can't explain in words how thrilling it is to this day to see someone on the list reply to someone else. Dancer clearly isn't mine, it's ours, all of us, including those who take a few minutes to actually reply and say "hey, I mig…

More changes to Sys::HostIP (there will be no API breakage)

A lovely comment was left on my blog by someone using the OpenID "targ": "Please don't break backwards compatibility. If you did a web search, you'd have found plenty of people using the existing functional interface."

You know why I love that comment? It's polite, kind and courteous. I made me actually go out, search, and find that some projects indeed use Sys::HostIP and in a way that I was going to break. I honestly didn't even know this module is widely (if at all) used. It made me decide not to break backwards compatiblity. I've decided to keep both obje…

Updates to Sys::HostIP

Sys::HostIP simply parses ifconfig/ipconfig (supports GNU/Linux/BSD/Windows) and gives you the interfaces and IPs found.

I stumbled upon this module when I was looking for a way to clean get all the ips of every interface on machines at $work. I needed something that parses ifconfig cleanly, because I didn't want to do it myself. I found a few and Sys::HostIP was by far the easiest, simplest, fastest and the one I decided to use. I noticed a few bugs open and contacted the author who gave me co-ownership. I since updated it and cleaned most of the ticket pool.

I've recently st…

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