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First, a short introduction to the state of the Dancer community.

Dancer really is a community, in every sense. You can see it by pull requests from fresh developers, pull requests from people who've been there for a while now, and you can see it in the channel and on the mailing list. I can't explain in words how thrilling it is to this day to see someone on the list reply to someone else. Dancer clearly isn't mine, it's ours, all of us, including those who take a few minutes to actually reply and say "hey, I might not know what your problem is, but how about you try this and that and let me know if it works out. I'd like to help you fix it" or "hey, I know that one, it's..."

It's also quite as thrilling (okay, I'll admit, it's even more thrilling) to see people pushing commits to Dancer saying "oh, by the way, this is my first ever free software contribution". As someone who appreciates community, cooperation and free software, it really lights up your eyes and gives you a warm feeling inside.

The Dancer community is polite, kind, helpful and cheerful. I'd like to thank everyone in our small community for making it so.

Now, on to some changes we've made. We've had busy weekends. One of which resulted in over 7 pull requests closed and over 10 issues resolved in just two days. Pretty awesome.

Here are some changes done in the past two versions:

  • Oldschool template() behavior is back, due to popular demand. (Damien Krotkine)

  • server_tokens variable to allow removal of headers. (John Wittkoski)

  • Documenting how to work with Dotcloud. (Oliver Gorwits)

  • prefix() returns the current set prefix. (Michal Wojciechowski)

  • Intuitive template extension appending with template() (David Precious, Nick Knutov)

  • JSON serializer can take any option you want. (Lee Johnson)

  • Complex views with multiple document root now supported. (Pedro Melo)

  • Better handling of multiple cookie setting. (David Precious)

  • Better UTF-8 handling in JSON serializer. (Sam Kington)

  • Better exception system defaults. (David Precious, Damien Krotkine)

  • Lots of documentation improvements. (c0bra, Asaf Gordon, Pedro Melo, Damyan Ivanov, John Barrett, David Precious, Sawyer X)

This seems like a large list, doesn't it? It's because it is. :)

The last two releases are owed to the following people, in no particular order:
(forgive me if I miss anyone)
David Precious, Damien Kroktine, damog, c0bra, Sam Kington, Yanick Champoux, @birdy-, Michal Wojciechowski, Nick Knutov, Pedro Melo, Lee Johnson and Oliver Gorwits.

Thanks! :)

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