Perl interface to LDTP is gaining traction

I've written about the new Perl interface to the LDTP (Linux Desktop Testing Project) testing library that I had written. It already garnished some interest from people on Github. We've had some progress on that front you might be interested in. Also, we still need your help! :)

Since the publishing of that blog post, I had been contacted by Nagappan Alagappan, the author and maintainer of LDTP. He offered some insight on LDTP and suggested adding the Perl interface to the LDTP Github project repository as well. Beyond the issue of code duplication (which can easily be handled by documentation and versioning), I want to emphasize what this really means.

Being contacted by and working along with the LDTP community actually means that we were able to get outside the echo chamber of the Perl community. We got out there, we were noticed, and we were invited to participate in the big world with the other kids. It's being invited and welcomed to the big table, adjacent to our friends-only table.

While we ask often "why don't people notice how cool Perl is?", we should also be focusing a bit on "how can we work with people who don't do Perl and have Perl participate in the bigger technological realm?". This is how we can do it. This is why I was both excited and delighted by Nagappan's request.

Your help necessary:
If you want Perl to be invited to more tables, if you want more of the outside world to see Perl under the spotlight, if you want to show that Perl is not just able, but actually does things, you can help us out with finishing the LDTP interface! Code, tests, documentation, examples - all very useful.

Remember, I'm giving away the commit bits for free for the rest of the year. Great deal, buy now!

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