Downloading Welcome to Night Vale podcast episodes

I started getting into podcasts recently and one that I heard mentioned a few times was Welcome to Night Vale. I didn't get to listen to it yet, but decided I'll try it out.

When I start with a podcast, I want to download the episodes. I don't listen on my computer, I listen on my mp3 player. (Yes, I still hav one, and no, it's not an iPod.)

At the same time, I'm sick of going over lists of pages, opening each, and then looking for the download button, so I wrote a Perl script that downloads all episodes for this podcast.

The script is rather simple and uses the excellent Web::Query. Go over list of episodes, get the title and episode page link, if episode file doesn't exist, open the page link, find the download link and download the episode.

Here it is:

Interestingly enough, the next thing I think of is doing this in parallel. Since Web::Query does support calling a piece of html as well (not only a URL which it will fetch), this shouldn't be difficult to do. Perhaps in the future.

The funny part? I haven't yet listened to a single episode. :)

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