New Dancer2 release en route to CPAN: 0.162000

Yet another Dancer2 release hitting CPAN as we speak, all the way from Granada, Spain, courtesy of YAPC::EU 2015.

We've made a few interesting changes, highlights of which I would like to share with you.


  • Escaping file paths in regexes.
  • Handle response in before hook correctly when serializer available.
  • Correctly validate all options in route definition.
  • Custom error templates fixes, including in before hooks.
  • Unmask exceptions thrown by serializers.


  • Major optimizations! Dancer 2 is now at least as fast as Dancer 1. We're continuing work on optimizing it. If you have use-cases you would like us to take a closer look at, just let us know!
  • Better stack trace display.
  • Correctly set response content via "halt" keyword.
  • Switch to HTML5 templates!
  • Streamline and optimize serializer helpers (to_json, from_json).


We want to thank our lovely contributors for this release (in alphabetical order): A. Sinan Unur, Achilles Kars, Andy Beverley, Dmitrii Tcyganov, Gabor Szabo, Kadir, Nick Tonkin, Patrick Zimmermann, Tina Müller, Vernon, and, of course, our core devs involved in this release: Alberto Simões, Mickey Nasriachi, Russell Jenkins, Sawyer X.

Future plans

We intend to introduce one major change and deprecate unsafe behavior.

We have a branch ready (which will be merged only after this release) that introduces three new keywords: query_parameters, body_parameters, and route_parameters. These will return values that make it unnecessary to validate whether you received a single value or multiple values. It's a change we've wanted to introduce for a while now.

We also plan to deprecate the ability to set route parameters that undermine two specific features in route matching: splat/megasplat and regex captures. Unless you have :splat or :captures placeholder variables in your route definitions, you will not even notice.

Have a great dance, :) Sawyer and the Dancer Core Dev Team.

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