Why do you have to be afraid of the programming language Perl 6? ... or not.

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In life or professional life, there are cycles of learning by starting over again or at least partially. If you are a good Perl 5 developer and you start Perl 6, you start again as a beginner. In my professional life, these cycles have never been longer than 7 years. That's why I'm not afraid of Perl 6.

Perl is being developed by community. So I do not need to worry about Perl disappearing from the market with the bankruptcy of a company at short notice. The community also has disadvantages, especially in marketing. The programming language Perl is…

Call for papers - gpw2016 - Nuremberg

We'd like to invite all IT developers, administrators, users, managers to submit talks for the German Perl Workshop 2016 in Nuremberg.

Lots of time to speak:
There are 21 hours available for talks, and we rely on you to fill them.

Topic of your talk:
We are interested in talks on software development and engineering, administration, and the social side of it.
See http://act.yapc.eu/gpw2016/wanted.html for inspiration.
We are the German Perl Workshop, but we are also an open source conference. Think ab…