Call for papers - gpw2016 - Nuremberg

We'd like to invite all IT developers, administrators, users, managers to submit talks for the German Perl Workshop 2016 in Nuremberg.

Lots of time to speak:
There are 21 hours available for talks, and we rely on you to fill them.

Topic of your talk:
We are interested in talks on software development and engineering, administration, and the social side of it.
See for inspiration.
We are the German Perl Workshop, but we are also an open source conference. Think about your project, your daily work or what you do in your private time. There are lots of interesting things you can speak about. I hope you can find a topic for your talk.

Communication platform:
Join our mailing list. You can find all data of our mailing list on We are here and waiting for your questions. Do not hesitate to ask your questions. We definitely do not bite you. The organizers want to help you and at the end the conference.

Your first talk:
You have never talked at a conference? No Problem. For myself, I remember going through about half of my slides before the time was up.
That felt bad for me, but the conference got 40 minutes of my ideas.
People respect that the most of us are not talking publicly every day.
Learn talking on a conference, we help you. For your first talk, please use a 20 minute slot (or a 5 minute lightning talk).

Submit a talk:
Please submit your talk at You will be asked to login or sign up before you can do so.
Please plan to speak 20 or 40 minutes. If your have more to tell us, split your talk into several 40 minutes slots.
For short topics (like introducing your favorite project), the 5 minute lightning talks are ideal.

Feel free to submit talks in English or German.

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