The Case of the Incompatible Safe -- Epilog

"You know," I said to my friend C. Auguste Dupin, "I can not help feeling that there must be a simpler solution for M. Tueur's problem of the Incompatible Safe".

"But there is, mon ami -- now."

"Now? Why now and not before?"

"Because in the interim, M. Garcia-Suarez, the author of the Safe module, has enhanced it to work nicely with Devel::Cover."

"Wonderful," I replied. "It must have been a complicated matter."

"Simplicity itself, mon ami. He simply adds '&Devel::Cover::use_file' to the default share list if Devel::Cover is detected."

"So, Dupin, you know this M. Suarez-Garcia and informed him of the problem?"

"Non, mon ami, this was done without my involvement. Though it would be nice to think that your small note upon the problem helped to bring it to his attention."

My apologies to Rafaël Garcia-Suarez and my readers for being so long about writing this epilog. The change was made in version 2.32 released March 31 2012. His solution could probably have been implemented by hand, but though Dupin is certainly smart enough to figure this out, I was not.

No, I do not consider a blog entry a substitute for an RT ticket, but in this case I was unsure which module to ticket, and then other things in life intervened.


Cool! (But you really should thank Paul Johnson instead:)

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