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The Case of the Incompatible Safe -- Epilog

"You know," I said to my friend C. Auguste Dupin, "I can not help feeling that there must be a simpler solution for M. Tueur's problem of the Incompatible Safe".

"But there is, mon ami -- now."

"Now? Why now and not before?"

"Because in the interim, M. Garcia-Suarez, the author of the Safe module, has enhanced it to work nicely with Devel::Cover."


The Case of the Incompatible Safe

When I entered our rooms, I found C. Auguste Dupin lounging in his fauteuil by the window. His eyes were on the paper in his hand, but he seemed to be gazing beyond it in abstracted thought.

"A death?" I asked, smiling, remembering the events of a few days previous.

"Non, mon ami, simply a puzzle, and a rather pretty one. It appears that one M. Tueur, in attempting to improve his Perl, has entrapped himself in a web of conflicting requirements from which he can not extricate himself."

"Better him than me," I observed. "How did this come about?"


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