Marketing Committee Achievements in 2022

Looking back over 2022 the Marketing Committee presents our accomplishments to the Board and the Communities we serve.

Our sincere and abundant thanks to all those who have volunteered their time to deliver these outcomes.

  • Created the Prospectus for 2022

  • Arranged to have 2 Perl related articles published in the Linux Format magazine

  • Launched The Perl store offering Official Perl merchandise with profits going to the Perl Fund

  • Organized and held the Perl IDE Hackathon at The Perl and Raku Conference in Houston. This in response to community feedback about the importance of IDE support.

  • The Perl Foundation continues to grow on Facebook

  • Perl and Raku Conference page continues to grow on Facebook

  • Secured FOSDEM booth space in 2023

  • Secured the Camelia logo for The Perl and Raku Foundation

We are excited for the opportunities that the new year presents and express our continuing commitment to growing the Perl and Raku communities.

The committee exists to coordinate and facilitate volunteer efforts to promote the Perl and Raku ecosystems, create and distribute quality content, promote Perl and Raku related events, and assist with getting people involved.

All willing hands are welcome to attend our monthly meetings via Zoom. Please contact the committee via email for meeting invites.

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