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Shirts and hoodies are available in variety of colours, sizes and styles. Stickers, mugs, and phone covers are also all available. With proceeds from sales funding The Perl and Raku Foundation.

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Celebrate Perl 5.38 with Limited Edition merch!


To celebrate the upcoming release of Perl 5.38 we are excited to offer Limited Edition* merchandise.

The design was a true team effort by the marketing committee and is inspired by the traditional Perl camel logo. We had a lot of fun throwing around ideas, then throwing them in to AI to see what it's randomness would come back with. We then passed the ideas to our artist for the final result.

Check them out on the ="https://the-pe…

TPRC Hackathon 2023

perl raku hackathon.png

The Perl and Raku Conference for 2023 will again feature a Hackathon Room. On July 10th, the Marketing Committee plans to coordinate activities for projects that have a broad impact on Perl.

We hope to involve 2-3 high impact projects and any number of smaller projects.

The committee will provide logistical and non-coding support for projects that want it…

Call for Papers. TPRC 2023

Call For Papers is now open! You can submit your talk Ideas at Talk submission deadline is March 31 Midnight UTC. Talks must be given live and in-person. If you are looking for any talk ideas, try out the conference wiki.

Visit the TPRC 2023 website at
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Perl and Raku Merch from Freewear

Freewear now has Perl and Raku merch featuring Camelia, The Onion Logo and a Camel Shadow. A donation is made to TPRF for each sale.


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