Fosdem mini grants for 2023

One of the goals TPRF would like to achieve, now that conferences are becoming increasingly available in person, is to spread awareness of current Perl and Raku projects.

In support of this goal, TPRF will be issuing a limited number of mini grants of up to $300 to participants interested in holding Perl/Raku based talks in FOSDEM 2023 dev rooms. TPRF has made an intentional decision to not apply for a dev room, but to encourage talks to be given in other, non-language specific dev rooms instead. This will allow Perl and Raku to be shared with new audiences.

In addition, TPRF will have a 2 day stand at FOSDEM and are in need of volunteers to staff it. Stand volunteers are also eligible to apply for a mini grant of up to USD$300 to assist with the cost of attending.

To apply for a FOSDEM mini grant, please send a completed application to

If you have questions, please join our fosdem slack channel, leave a comment below, or send a message to

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