TPRC Hackathon 2023

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The Perl and Raku Conference for 2023 will again feature a Hackathon Room. On July 10th, the Marketing Committee plans to coordinate activities for projects that have a broad impact on Perl.

We hope to involve 2-3 high impact projects and any number of smaller projects.

The committee will provide logistical and non-coding support for projects that want it. We want to help by:

  • matching people to projects and projects to people

  • keeping a record of commits and achievements for a post-event blog post

  • answer other questions like "where are bathrooms?" and "what is the wifi password?"

  • print and hang some pretty signs

  • manage the #hackathons2023 slack channel

Interested projects please comment on this post or contact us using marketing(at)perlfoundation(dot)org

Please note that anyone is welcome to use the room to hack on their project and to solicit help for it subject to the Conference SoC. This room is available on both the day before and the day after the conference. The wiki page for the Hackathon room is here

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