More Mojolicious + Bootstrap Awesomeness

As Joel Berger wrote in a previous post both Mojolicious and Bootstrap from Twitter are awesome frameworks.

I have created a boilerplate in order to have a starting point for we application development and put it on github. On the first page of the repository there are mentioned some of the features and things this boilerplate will help you with, like:

  • Configurable application menu based on user type
  • Unified user notification through messages displayed (alert, success, info)
  • Examples of using the Mojolicious sessions

I added today two examples of photo galleries:

The photos in the gallery are from the first Cluj.PM meeting from 2nd of March 2012
(Thank you Ovidiu for making such beautiful pictures ).

The boilerplate can be seen in action on dotCloud if you want to see how awesome web applications look with Bootstrap.

I have to keep this post short because I run out of time for today, but I want to invite you to give a try to this boilerplate, use it and abuse it - of course, contributions are more than welcome and will be rewarded with fame and glory, displaying contributors name on the front page of the repository :P


Nice contribution - very cool. However, there's a *TON* of dependencies for Test-BDB-Cucumber, and the tests are really pretty basic. Why not just stick with Test::Mojo for this and use Cucumber in your own work with it?

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