PRForge lightning talk slides from YAPC::EU 2013

The supporting slides for the YAPC::EU lightning talk that I had in the first day of the conference are here:

Because the slides are just a few and the presentation was in a rush, I wrote a extended blog post regarding what is PRForge…

Behavior Driven Development in Perl

Testing is hard - not necessarily to do, but to start with - it is so hard, that yet I haven't started writing tests for my code and I considered this to be a handicap for me as a developer.

I've heard about this Behavior Driven Development stuff ( BDD ) and I said to give it a try.

After some research to see what is available for Perl, I found Pete Sergeant's Test::BDD::Cucumber module and although it's only at version 0.05, it is usable and functional.

Comming back to BDD/var/www/users/tudor_constantin/index.html

Technical Debt Calculator

Recently I have read an article finding out that the cost of technical debt can be computed, so yesterday I've written an article to show the conclusions from that article. Main conclusion, the cost of technical is on average of 3.61$ per line of code.

You can read the whole article regarding the study that concludes that ="…

Perl Teasing Challenge

Feeling about Perl what I feel almost makes me scream at other developers things like "why the f*ck are you using X language and not Perl?".

I want to ask you what should an efficient Perl Teasing Presentation include?

I have expressed my opinions in this blog post.
My post was inspired by ="http://szabga…

More Mojolicious + Bootstrap Awesomeness

As Joel Berger wrote in a previous post both Mojolicious and Bootstrap from Twitter are awesome frameworks.

I have created a boilerplate in order to have a starting point for we application development and put it on github. On the first page of the repository there are mentioned some of the features and things this b…