Perl Teasing Challenge

Feeling about Perl what I feel almost makes me scream at other developers things like "why the f*ck are you using X language and not Perl?".
I 'think' this kind of approach would not be very productive in terms of giving my peers the opportunity to feel the same kind of enthusiasm I feel.

I want to ask you what should an efficient Perl Teasing Presentation include?

I have expressed my opinions in this blog post.
My post was inspired by Gabor Szabo's challenge to give a 4 hour Perl Presentation


Definitely include one-liners. For people who know grep, sed, and awk, Perl is a nice synthesis; for those who don't, it may be a revelation.

Also include examples with simple CPAN stuff like LWP::Simple, starting with how to install it.

> cpan LWP::Simple
> perl -MLWP::Simple -e 'getprint ""'

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Yes: don't spy on people. If you write good stuff, they'll read it, and a few (not many) will comment.

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