(Russian) Article about Test::Spec

Article in Russian about Test::Spec benefits and gotchas/internals

Broken LWP in the wild

I have app which do some stuff via HTTP/HTTPS. Here it is, already posted about it on blogs.perl.org

There is simple logic:

1) Use http. If user wants https, use https but check that LWP version >= 6 AND LWP::UserAgent->is_protocol_supported("https")
2) Retry HTTP 500 server errors. There can be a lot (coming from server, it's normal)
3) Retry HTTP 500 errors with Client-Warning=Internal response (LWP could raise this in case of conenction problem and socket time…

(Russian) article about 'mop' module

posted by @cruxacrux at http://habrahabr.ru/post/198274/

Perl multithreaded Amazon Glacier client

After one year of development mt-aws-glacier vsespb/mt-aws-glacier, mt-aws.com App::MtAws moved from beta status to stable.

It's written in Perl for POSIX systems (there are reports of successful use under Linux, BSD, MacOSX, Solaris).

It does have extensive testsuite, minimum dependencies, "full" unicode support (well, of course it's not full. there is probably no single application with full support),

(Russian) Post about Perl Unicode internals

Article in Russian about Perl Unicode internals and UTF-8 flag use and misuse.