Perl multithreaded Amazon Glacier client

After one year of development mt-aws-glacier vsespb/mt-aws-glacier, App::MtAws moved from beta status to stable.

It's written in Perl for POSIX systems (there are reports of successful use under Linux, BSD, MacOSX, Solaris).

It does have extensive testsuite, minimum dependencies, "full" unicode support (well, of course it's not full. there is probably no single application with full support),
multithreading implemented using fork(). HTTP(S) using LWP::UserAgent with workarounds for existing issues. Total SLOC is over 20k, more than 1000 commits.

Full list of features: here


This looks very useful as soon as client-side encryption is supported. Amazon Glacier is great for backup, but NSA (and some Amazon admins) will be able to read your backup too unless you only send encrypted files.

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