Perl QA Hackathon 2013 in Lancaster - notes by Wendy (3)

The QA Hackathon 2013 in Lancaster went today into its last day. Still busy, bustling with energy, concentration, typing.

First thing to do was bring somebody back to the hotel because he forgot a bag, and bring him back to the university. Ah well, nice car trip.

This morning I finished up the other pages of the meeting of yesterday. I was just 2 minutes away from finishing when the next meeting started, about Testing. A lot of Testing. I filled 12 pages with notes about Testing. And after that I had lunch while transcribing those 12 pages. I handed the written notes to David Golden and emailed them to him too.

Topics today were "Automated testing vs non-automated testing" (which involved using some environment variables of which I think they should have existed years ago) and "Installing tests" (but what the real topic of that last one was, I still do not understand, I hope I will read it when David makes a report of it).

By now the room is getting a bit less crowded. People are leaving home. Liz and I are the last Dutchies here.

Liz just came out of a meeting about getting Perl 6 modules in CPAN and making them usable for Perl 6 people with minimal nuisance for Perl 5 people (Smokers, Testers). She is rather excited. Will be good news for Perl 6 people.

In 40 minutes I will drive down to Manchester Airport and back to bring away 3 people who have to get their plane. The way back will be nice and quiet... and a good chance for me to listen to some lovely metal music (I missed that!!!!).

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