Marketing for Perl is easy because Perl is awesome

Liz and I were awarded the White Camel Award last year and are very proud of that. Thank you all. Too much honor, and I feel a bit silly now. No modules on CPAN, not a member of any Perl-organisation, not a single line of code written in the past 9 years, and mainly being silly and loud.

Liz and I went on doing what we like best. Go to Perl-events.

FOSDEM in Brussels
We started with the one that we co-organize with the excellent Claudio Ramirez: FOSDEM ( ). A lot of work, but it worked out nicely…

Perl at Fosdem - 1 & 2 February 2014 in Brussels

Perl will be big at Fosdem in Brussels with a big booth on both days of Fosdem and a devroom on the first day, Saturday 1 February. At the booth you will find a lot of interesting stuff, like the largest library of Perl-books in the world, the big stuffed toy camel, Tuits, buttons, books, brochures and whatnot.
We will have beer on Friday at Delirium, go to a nice restaurant on both Saturday and Sunday, and we will be in the presenc…

Perl QA Hackathon 2013 in Lancaster - notes by Wendy (3a/4)

The end of the Perl QA Hackathon 2013 in Lancaster was as busy as it started. My drive to Manchester Airport with 3 hackers was enjoyable. I dropped two of them of at the airport and the third one at a lovely small hotel/b&b near the airport. The drive back was filled with Sevendust, rather loud, nice heavy metal, missed that for days.

Just before we left we were told to our big surprise that at 17:00 the building had to be empty, because of university rules. So nobody had time to do a standup and tell what they accomplished. So no list is made. Yet. Bit of a strange ending to an otherwise well-organised meeting. I hope the accomplishments will be collected and publicised in other ways, because it was a lot.

Perl QA Hackathon 2013 in Lancaster - notes by Wendy (3)

The QA Hackathon 2013 in Lancaster went today into its last day. Still busy, bustling with energy, concentration, typing.

First thing to do was bring somebody back to the hotel because he forgot a bag, and bring him back to the university. Ah well, nice car trip.

This morning I finished up the other pages of the meeting of yesterday. I was just 2 minutes away from finishing when the next meeting started, about Testing. A lot of Testing. I filled 12 pages with notes about Testing. And after that I had lunch while transcribing those 12 pages. I handed the written notes to David …

Perl QA Hackathon 2013 in Lancaster - notes by Wendy (2)

Saturday 13 april 2013

Well, not all. This morning after the welcome words, we got out with a group of 10 people in 2 cars and went on a small tour to Lake Windermere and some other lakes in the Lake District. Saw some amazingly beautiful sights... panoramas... buildings... villages... It took us 4 hours but it was worth it.

After coming…