Perl QA Hackathon 2013 in Lancaster - notes by Wendy

Friday 12 april
Perl QA Hackathon 2013 ( ) started this morning in Lancaster. Some 35-38 people present. Started with a warm welcome by Mark Keating and a one-minute stand-up of all participants (including me...).

Impressive number of goals by the way... this is going to mean business. Perl is going to be improved significantly, even if only one quarter of these goals are done.

12:18 Just had a meeting with 6 superintelligent database specialists who want to add some important changes to the way Perl handles databases and programming code that prepares to do stuff with databases. They used many words I never heard before (and some of them don't exist yet, they made them up, and didn't tell me about that).

It seems to be more important that some notes were taken than that all that was said was included. OK, I can do that. Still a bit confused. Waaaay over my head.

15:15 So I took notes and transcribed them... it were 6 pages of it. Now waiting for approval... Making notes of something that I hardly understand is difficult, but transcribing is even more frustrating.

15:17 And imagine, I was just in a meeting with 20 other people. About the followup of the Oslo Convention, where some important agreements were made about how to maintain the toolchain of Perl. This will become the Lancaster Convention. I made notes, 11 pages filled with them, now having to transcribe them. Some I even did understand! And sometimes I even had an opinion. OK, back to work.

The QA Hackathon is amazing. I am transcribing notes from a meeting and am distracted all the time because of all the f***ing interesting discussions around me. People are talking, typing, texting and chatting at the same time. The typing oftens seems to be programming. Cool.

Finished transcribing. Sent by email. Hope this is a bit of a contribution. Making Perl better without knowing how to code Perl and without writing one line of code. Ha.

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