Perl at Fosdem - 1 & 2 February 2014 in Brussels

Perl will be big at Fosdem in Brussels with a big booth on both days of Fosdem and a devroom on the first day, Saturday 1 February. At the booth you will find a lot of interesting stuff, like the largest library of Perl-books in the world, the big stuffed toy camel, Tuits, buttons, books, brochures and whatnot.
The schedule is filled with great speakers and nice presentations. This year, the devroom and the booth will be in the same building (building K).
We will have beer on Friday at Delirium, go to a nice restaurant on both Saturday and Sunday, and we will be in the presence of 5,000 to 7,000 open source enthusiasts. This is going to be a wonderful event.
Read all about it, and much more:
Hope to see you in Brussels, Belgium!


If happen to be near Brussels this weekend attend. The Perl track will be excellent.

Looking forward to drinking with you again :)

*Ahem*. Drinking tea, of course.

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