duct tape

Folks used to refer to perl as 'the duct tape of the internet'. It still totally is.

I've started posting perl (and other) portland and/or telecommute jobs on twitter. I thought I'd also include these tweets in the 2pdx.com LinkedIn group. LI supports rss feed inclusion in the news for their groups, so it should simply be a matter of pasting in the rss url


into their UI. Nope. LI claims that this is not a valid rss feed. Hmm... ="http://validator.w3.org/feed/check.cgi?url=https%3A%2F%2Ftwitter.com%2Fstatuse…

Look @this_job twitter feed

I claimed a while ago that I maintained a list of pdx and telecommute jobs of potential interest to folks I know who are looking for new gigs. Well, I suck at maintaining that list. I'm going to try to make it easier to maintain by re-inventing the page as a twitter feed. The idea is that it is easier to post a couple tweets each day than to edit an html document. If it is sufficiently easier, then I might actually do it regularly.

If you use twitter, follow @this_job. If you use rss, subscribe to ="https://twitter.com/statuses/user…

orphaned public key

So, I thought I'd contribute to moose.

A week ago I joined #moose and nopasted a public key. Cats and kids jumped all over me and I didn't follow through. In the end, I think that nobody acted on that. Today I thought I'd get back to that while the kids were out of the house. I still had the nopaste tab open, so pasted the URL and mst added my key.

hmmm... but I still couldn't clone the rw repo. Sigh. I turns out that the public key was an orphan. From the comment in the public key, I'd believed that it was the one I was using to access github. However, they'd had that securit…


find the perl subroutine most in need of refactoring

fix it

repeat... virtuous whack-a-mole with https://github.com/wickline/whack

Get a job

I've started maintaining a list of interesting-looking jobs. You'll find mostly perl jobs here (with a pinch of ruby, python, and maybe even php). The jobs will tend to be telecommute, PDX, or "we will relocate you" jobs.