Old Job

Perhaps "old job" isn't entirely accurate as I'm still working there for another week and change. I guess "current job" is more appropriate.

Ron Savage asked what that job was. Well, I'm happy to share that. I'm working at Rentrak. Yes, they're hiring. I've been there going on eight years now. If you're in the market for a perl job in Portland, Oregon USA, then look them up.

Perks: tons of smart coworkers, serious about test-driven development, huge repos of code in much better shape than is typical out there (from what I've seen and from what I've heard from others), various degrees of XP and agile influence (which practices are in play depend on which team you land on... and may change over time), etc. There's more behind the link above.

If that strikes your fancy, submit your resume!

Note: that "huge repos of code" bit also means that much of the learning curve is learning your way around perl_lib/RTK. Rentrak has hired plenty of non-perl programmers who do great and contribute novel perspectives. Picking up perl is nothing compared to picking up the existing code. So, if you're a great hacker of some other stripe don't let a lack of perl experience stop you from applying.

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