One Month To Go!

There’s only one month left until YAPC::Europe 2014. The conference takes place on the 22nd - 24th of August in Sofia, Bulgaria.

We’ve done our best to keep the cost of the conference low and if you still haven’t bought a ticket - don’t delay, buy it today!

  • Regular price 99 EUR
  • Student price 60 EUR
  • Business price 500 EUR

Bulgaria, Romania, Macedonia, Serbia and Baltic states(proof of citizenship is required)

  • Regular price 60 EUR
  • Student price 35 EUR (student card is required)

Once you’ve bought your ticket remember to take a look at the scheduled talks and “star” the ones you’re planning on attending. The finalised schedule will be ready by the 1st August.

Looking forward to seeing you in Sofia!

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Oh cool, discounts for poorer Eastern European citizens.

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