Deadline to submit a talk approaching. Don't miss it!

June 30 is the deadline to submit a talk to this year's YAPC::EU in Granada.

Choose your YAPC Europe favourite talks

The web conference software that the Perl community uses mostly (Act) has a nice feature that lets registered users to mark their favourite talks. You just have to choose a talk from the list and then add it to your favourites.

This feature has several benefits that may seem obvious but are important anyway:

  • It helps you build your personal schedule.
  • It helps speakers see the expectation that t…

YAPC::EU Master Classes, Talks and Hackathons

Upcoming YAPC Europe in Granada will have at least two master classes, 34 talks and there's room ready for hackathons on September 1st.

Do you want to be part of it too? You can still register the conference and the master classes, submit talk proposals, or organize a hackathon. Find the details on the conference website.

Early Bird Ends on May 15th

Just a quick reminder to those of you that would like to benefit from the early bird price for the upcoming YAPC Europe conference that will take place in Granada the first week of September: purchase your ticket by May 15th.

See full details on prices and dates.

CFP Deadline on June 30

This year YAPC::EU conference will be happening at the beginning of September and we don't want you to spend your summer thinking about what could you be presenting in Granada, so we set the call for proposals deadline on June 30.

There already almost 30 talks accepted that amount more than 15 hours of interesting stuff for the more than 100 people that have already registered. What are you waiting to submit your proposal?

Would you like to organize any kind of training course instead? Please, see our ="ht…