Our keynote speakers

Here are some details on our keynote speakers, who will close off each day of the conference in the main auditorium. Rather than technical talks on a specific part of Perl technology, these keynotes deal with major themes in Perl and the art of programming. We're delighted to present three of the major figures of Perl in Europe at YAPC::EU::2014.

Day 1. Curtis Poe (Ovid) You're Killing Managers (Keep It Up)

This isn't a talk about Perl; it's a talk about how we're changing the world and how the world is sitting up and noticing.

Ovid will cover the gamut of human civilisation from hunter/gatherer tribes to Valve software in a fascinating call to arms about hierarchies and innovation.

Day 2. Matt Trout (mst) State of the Velociraptor

"What shall we do tonight, mst?"
"Same thing we do every night: Try to conquer the world"

Your yearly breakneck survey of the Perl community, language and culture. Heartwarming, earthy, loud.

Day 3. Sawyer X The Joy In What We Do

This is the joy in what we do

Sawyer presents a journey through consciousness and reality itself via puzzles, the craft of programming, and flathunting. Unmissable.

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