Deadline to submit a talk approaching. Don't miss it!

June 30 is the deadline to submit a talk to this year's YAPC::EU in Granada.

For this edition we want to expand the talks to other themes related or not to Perl, so take whatever language, software, technology or methodology you know and come share it with the community. We are looking for developers, sysadmins, managers and evangelists. We want this YAPC to be a great experience for everyone and that everyone can take home something new, whether they're beginners, intermediates, advanced or gurus. We want to reach new people and let them know about Perl and its wonderful community. So write a few lines about whatever subject you want to share, and submit your talk!

If you've never given a talk at a conference, give it a try in Granada. Remember that the main theme for the conference is Art and Engineering. There's a lot to say about both, so look for a twist in that direction if possible, and send us your proposal by June 30.

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