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  • spb commented on Proposal for Perl Foundation Memberships

    I agree.

    To not have memberships is to leave money on the table. Certainly Perl could do SOMETHING helpful with the money.

    Plus people want to be involved if only to that extent. Regular financial contributions (membership dues) are literally a way for people to get invested in something they support.

    The concerns described here are legitimate. But they don't outweigh the benefits.

  • spb commented on A Perl Community Dashboard

    Can you measure use of tags like 'perl' on common blogging and other techie platforms such as and Stackoverflow?

  • Salve J. Nilsen commented on Proposal for Perl Foundation Memberships

    I completely agree with Dean about not having membership (including corporate partnerships) is a wasted opportunity, and I would LOVE to see YAS' bylaws be changed to open to this revenue source.

    And to those of you who say "But TPF isn't spending that much money, so why do we need more?" – please take some time to think about issues that are NOT being handled in our communities, that the TPF could help with if they had more resources to do so.

    A proposal like this requires us to foremost focus on future opportunities that require resources to make happen.

    (And yes …

  • Dimitrios Kechagias commented on Perl performance on Apple M1

    A bit late, but you might enjoy my DKBench, which is similar to what I did above, in a single test-suite, made for subsequent perl benchmarking which will probably end up in another blog post.

  • dish commented on Reconsidering the licensing of Perl code

    You bring up a very good point, that the distinction between "permissive" and "copy-left" style licenses is not nearly as important with interpreted languages as it is with compiled. However, a lot of companies do not allow any GPL type licensed software on their systems. My industry is apprehensive about any open-source software, but allows for MIT BSD and the like. I can get a lot of Perl through the "censors" if it uses the Artistic license since it is obscure, but the moment I try to push through a GPL, LGPL I am denied. Having more Perl software in the ISC, MIT, BSD license family…

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