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  • About: A small cog in the Perl machine, I'm a happy Perl developer and have some CPAN modules here and there.
  • Posted Making RESTful Dancing easy with Dancer::Plugin::REST to Job van Achterberg

    An useful plugin for writing RESTful Dancer web applications is Dancer::Plugin::Rest by Alexis Sukrieh, available at

    To use it …

  • Commented on Switching to Dist::Zilla - a usage report
    Thank you for clarifying that. I actually made a mistake - it was [@Classic]. I've corrected this in my post. What puzzles me, is that this requirement is not mentioned on, just in Dist::Zilla::Tutorial on CPAN. If one would...
  • Posted Switching to Dist::Zilla - a usage report to Job van Achterberg

    For a while there has been a problem in one of my modules - the tests for Postscript::TextDecode make use of Test::Most which it turned out most CPAN testers don't use by default. That's fair. It was on my list of things to fix, but never with high priority.

    Shortly after YAPC::EU::2010 I …

  • Commented on 4 days at Eth0 Summer 2010
    @Michael_J: I'm not sure - these were mostly people in their early 20s. I would presume it's the cargo culture they are exposed to in the areas of the web they visit (Forums? IRC?). Perhaps it's popular opinion to bash...
  • Posted 4 days at Eth0 Summer 2010 to Job van Achterberg

    Currently I'm located at the Dutch Eth0 Summer 2010 event, which is a camp-with-tents-and-attend-talks-and-workshops event. My younger brother who studies IT went with a bunch of classmates, and I decided to tag along.

    So far it has been fun - I've done some Perl evangelising and handed ou…

  • Commented on How get guru status at youtube/google video?
    In the mean time, you might try vimeo; it's less restricted towards length/size maximums....
  • Posted PerlTidy for gEdit to Job van Achterberg

    For any gEdit users out there: A while ago I've written a perlTidy plugin for this editor.
    It's written in Python. I know, I know. But it was either that or C...

    For those of you interested, check it out at GitHub

  • Posted YAPC::EU::2010, 3 great days to Job van Achterberg

    This year's YAPC::EU in Pisa was nothing short of amazing. While I am not sure if it will outdo my experiences in 2008 and 2009, it was everything I've come to expect of YAPCs.

    While the flight was delayed, the hotel room had air conditioning (that's a + compared to Lisbon... ) and we went…

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  • Olaf Alders commented on Switching to Dist::Zilla - a usage report

    I think the documentation could be a little bit clearer as well. I had to do some digging around and eventually, as I got started, I just did so by copying someone else's dist.ini and tweaking it from there.

    Having said that, it has saved me so much time in other ways, that I've found the investment in time to be well worth it.

  • Ævar Arnfjörð Bjarmason commented on Switching to Dist::Zilla - a usage report

    Yes, that documentation should be on the CPAN, not just on the website. This has been pointed out a lot, and I think rjbs has some plan to move it there.

    In general the docs are confusing, at least they were when I last read them.

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